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Kia Airbag Module Reset Repair Service

Kia Airbag Module Reset Repair Service

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Airbag module reset service for all KIA cars.

Airbag light on ?

Airbag deployed ?

Car was in an accident ?

Crash data stored ?

Dealer or Shop told you bad airbag Module ?

If your car was in an accident and your airbag light is on, the only way to clear or reset the crash data is to send in your airbag module for a repair or buy a new one ( new module can run you up to $800 )

 We will clear the crash data from your airbag module.

You will not need to buy a new airbag module.

You will not need to pay the dealer to program it to the seat  as you would for a new one or another used one.

Our Airbag module reset service is very easy to use

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