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BMW DME DDE ECU Cloning ISN VIN and Coding 1997-2005

BMW DME DDE ECU Cloning ISN VIN and Coding 1997-2005

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Our cloning service is designed to seamlessly replicate the critical data from your original DME / ECU, including VIN, immobilizer ISN, software, and coding (including injector coding if applicable), onto the replacement DME / ECU. The end result is an identical replacement unit, ensuring the preservation of your vehicle's integrity. It's worth noting that our cloning procedure is non-invasive, meaning we don't employ soldering techniques or remove eprom chips from the board. This guarantees the physical integrity of your replacement DME during programming. Upon receiving your cloned DME, you can expect it to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle and start up as if it were the original, using your original keys. To take advantage of our cloning service, you'll need to provide both the original and replacement DME units, ensuring that their part numbers match or are compatible. Replacement DME/ECU units can often be sourced affordably on platforms like eBay or Before sending us your ECUs, please ensure that your original ECU can communicate with a diagnostic tool. Most basic scan tools or local garages can perform a diagnostic scan using their tools. If we receive your ECUs and find that your original ECU cannot communicate, we will return the ECUs to you, minus the shipping fees. In some BMW models, if communication is not possible, additional modules or keys may be required to make it work, incurring an additional charge. If you have any questions, concerns or want to confirm that we can clone your certain DME, please send us an email, and a picture of the ecu stickers. Add to cart, pay and send BOTH ECUs marked old (original) and new (used or new donor ECU) with a receipt or order number to:


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