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Mercedes Diesel ECU IMMO OFF

Mercedes Diesel ECU IMMO OFF

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Mercedes Diesel ECU IMMO OFF.

Mercedes Diesel ECU IMMO OFF is a reliable solution for owners who have either lost their original ECU or are unable to read the original ECU data. This immo off service effectively deletes immo data, eliminating the need for synchronization data from the ignition switch. – Designed specifically for the Mercedes ECU with these part number:
  1. 0 281 015 068
  2. 0 281 016 587
  3. 0 281 016 633
  4. 0 281 016 656
  5. 0 281 019 325
  6. 0 281 019 416
– Offers a solution when the original ECU is lost or its data cannot be read – Deletes immo data, preventing the need for synchronization from the ignition switch – Suitable for situations where personalizing and activating the donor or original ECU to EIS isn’t possible – Easy-to-use service: Simply add the product to your cart, make the payment, and ship the ECU along with your car’s VIN. – Quick turnaround: We strive to provide a 24-hour turnaround time, ensuring minimal delay in getting your ECU back. – Hassle-free installation: With the immo off service, there’s no need to worry about matching the ignition switch and key. The original ones can be used to turn over the ignition smoothly. – Support for donor ECUs: If you’re installing a donor ECU, we can write your car’s VIN to it, ensuring compatibility and functionality.


To take advantage of this immo off solution, simply follow these steps: 1. Add the  ECU IMMO OFF service to your cart. 2. Complete the payment process. 3. Ship your ECU along with your car’s VIN. 4. Our expert technicians will perform the immo off procedure and ship the ECU back to you.
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