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VW or AUDI ( VAG ) Pin Code / Key Code read or write

VW or AUDI ( VAG ) Pin Code / Key Code read or write

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This service is for VW or AUDI ( VAG ) Pin Code / Key Code read or write. Replaced a used ECU need pin to program keys? Does you car start and die in 2 seconds? Does your IMMO light flash on dash? (yellow car with key simble or safe blinking) Did the locksmith try programming the key and was unable to do it? Do you have the following trouble codes? 17978 – Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer P1570 – 008 – – Intermittent Did the dealer tell you your car wont start and you need new ECU? Did you replace the DASH speedometer? This service will read the PIN code of a used ECU so it can be programmed to the car. We recommend using this service if your locksmith or the dealer are unable to read the pin code in the ECU to program the keys. PS:  AFTER THE DELETE SERVICE IS DONE ON SOME VEHICLES THE IMMO LIGHT WILL STILL FLASH ON DASH BUT THE CAR WILL START YOU CAN USE BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE TO COVER THE LIGHT.

Here’s what you need to do:

Add to cart, pay and send ECU to:


4943 NE 105 ave

Portland OR 97220

SOME ECUs THAT ARE COVERED IN THIS SERVICE Audi  Digifant  3.2 27C256 Audi  Siemens  5WP4 SIMOS 1.X 93C56 Audi  Siemens  5WP4 SIMOS 3.X 93C76 Audi  Bosch  EDC16CP34 95320 Audi  Bosch  EDC16U1 95320 Audi  Bosch  EDC16U31 95320 Audi  Bosch  EDC16U34 95320 Audi  Bosch  M2.3.1 24C02 Audi  Bosch  M2.3.2 27C512 Audi  Bosch  M3.8.X v1 24C02 Audi  Bosch  M3.8.X v2 24C02 Audi  Bosch  M5.4.1 24C02 Audi  Bosch  M5.9.2 24C02 Audi  Bosch  M7.X.X 95040 Audi  Bosch  M7.X.X 95080 Audi  Bosch  M7.X.X 95160 Audi  Bosch  MED 9.5.10 95080 Audi  Bosch  MSA 15.X 24C02 Audi  Bosch  MSA11 EDC1.3.1 93C46 Audi  Siemens  SIMOS 7.X 93C86 Audi  Siemens  SIMOS 8.1 93C86 Audi  Siemens  SIMOS 9.1 93C86 Porsche  Bosch  ME 7.1 95040 Porsche  Bosch  ME 7.1.1 95160 Porsche  Bosch  ME 7.1.1 95P08 Porsche  Bosch  ME 7.8 5P08C3 VW  Magneti Marelli  1AV 27C512 VW  Digifant  3.2 27C256 VW  Magneti Marelli  4MV.XX Virgin 95080 VW  Siemens  5WP4 SIMOS 1.X (1 socket) 93C56 VW  Siemens  5WP4 SIMOS 3.X (2 socket) 93C76 VW  Bosch  EDC15C4 5P08C3 VW  Bosch  EDC16CP34 95320 VW  Bosch  EDC16U1 95320 VW  Bosch  EDC16U31 95320 VW  Bosch  EDC16U34 95320 VW  Bosch  M2.3.2 27C512 VW  Bosch  M3.2.1 24C02 VW  Bosch  M3.8.X 24C02 VW  Bosch  M3.8.X v2 24C02 VW  Bosch  M5.4.1 24C02 VW  Bosch  M5.9.2 24C02 VW  Bosch  MA 1.2.3 27C512 VW  Bosch  MA 1.3 1600cc 87C510 VW  Bosch  ME 7.X.X 95040 VW  Bosch  ME 7.X.X 95080 VW  Bosch  ME 7.X.X 95160 VW  Bosch  MED 9.5.10 95080 VW  Bosch  MSA 11 EDC 1.3.1 93C46 VW  Bosch  MSA 12 EDC 1.3.1 93C46 VW  Bosch  MSA 15.X 24C02 VW  Siemens  SIMOS 7.X 93C86 VW  Siemens  SIMOS 8.1 93C86 VW  Siemens  SIMOS 9.1 93C86
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