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Mercedes Sprinter Vito Start Error Repair Service

Mercedes Sprinter Vito Start Error Repair Service

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Mercedes Sprinter Vito Start Error Repair Service.

ATTANTION: In this Mercedes sprinter Vito start error repair service you will need to ship us your ECU, WSP and key. A common issue with Mercedes-Benz diesel and CDI vehicles is the erroneous synchronization between the engine control unit and the immobilizer system. This affects primarily the systems EDC15C0 (CDI1) as well as EDC15C6 (CDI2). If this is the case, the instrument cluster will indicate “Start Error” in older models, as well as in commercial vehicles Mercedes Sprinter 'START ERROR' repair service is for  2001-2006 / T1N W901 / Mercedes Sprinter (Dodge Freightliner) 2500 3500 / L5-2.7L DSL Turbo OM612 and OM647 with CR3 ECU, with TEMIC immobilizer system. TEMIC immobilizer system was used on 2001-2006 / T1N W901 / Mercedes Sprinter (Dodge Freightliner) 2500 3500. Common issues are: no start, START ERROR on dash. This, START ERROR repair service will test and synchronize keys, WSP and ECM. All codes and immobilizer counters cleared. The items will be Plug n' Play  and will require no additional programming. Old keys will work. Simply install the WSP and ECM, and start the car.


Vehicle does not start anymore and “Start Error” is shown on display in the cockpit. Once the error occurs, the engine control unit stops communicating with the starter. Usually the engine control unit saves the error code P1630, which cannot be deleted afterwards. Sometimes the immobilizer system does not report any error codes but it still does not work
You will need to send in :
  • Your existing key
  • ECU (normally mounted behind/underneath the glove compartment) Must be CR1, CR2 CR3
  • WSP (clamped to the back of the instrument cluster)
  • Add to cart Pay Print the receipt or write the order number and ship to


Help in diagnosing your no start error.
Test 1: You will have to check battery, ignition and ground to the WSP module. battery pin # 3 on the WSP plug, from fuse # 5 (10A) ignition pin # 7 on the WSP plug, from fuse # 7 (15A) ground pin # 2 on the WSP plug confirm that WSP has battery, ignition and ground sprinter-start error-start-error-immobilizer-wsp Test 2: Test the reason for 'Start Error' with a capable scan tool. Both the key condition and WSP-ECM sync has to be OK to start the car. In the example below Star Diagnosis is used to read the actual values from the WSP. The key is OK but synchronization between WSP and ECM is lost. Many other tools can be used to test this Autel, Launch, Snap on and other.

sprinter-wsp-ecm-not in sync-start-error

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