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Mercedes Benz 2000-2013 EIS Ignition Switch Cloning Service

Mercedes Benz 2000-2013 EIS Ignition Switch Cloning Service

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Mercedes Benz Year 2000 to 2013 EIS Ignition Switch Cloning Reprogramming Service.


Remove your EIS and KEY from your car. Include a matching part number donor EIS module in the package when you ship.

Add to cart, pay and send BOTH EIS modules marked old (original) and new (used or new donor EIS) with a receipt or order number to:


Once we receive your package, we will  CLONE your EIS, bench test the EIS and KEY for quality, and send the package back to you within 1 Business day (Mail takes 2-3 Business days to get to you each way )

- If you need it overnighted to you please include and overnight return slip.

Once you receive the module, back, Just install and start the car. That's IT!!!

Mercedes EIS / EZS Immobilizer Key Module Problems Symptoms are: Unable To Turn The Key Unable To Start The Car Turn The Key – But Car Won’t Start Intermittent Ignition Key Faults Vehicle not responding to remote

If the EIS unit becomes faulty, the key will not turn & start the engine, this function will be de-activated and the module will be locked for security purposes. This will stop the engine from starting. It is very unfortunate but also a very common problem as there are many reasons as to why these units fail. Some of the most common reasons are: Jump Starting Whilst Key Is Inserted Power Surge Low Battery Voltage

All of the above can cause memory loss or corruption of the EIS module and it cannot be repaired or re-flashed using the usual Mercedes diagnostic systems. At this point most technicians will advise you to purchase a new ignition unit which can work out extremely expensive.

One of the main problems is the CPU chip inside fails or for example crashes just like a computer or PC

Common problem with intermittent functionality of older/original EIS with Motorola Microprocessor HC08 (Maskset 4J74Y) failure, resulting in key recognition problem.

List of Mercedes or Sprinter vehicles covered in this Mercedes Benz 2000-2013 EIS Ignition Switch Cloning Service.

A-Class W169 B-Class W245 C-Class W202 W203 W204 E-Class W210 211 W212 W207 S-Class W220 W221 ML-Class W164 GL-Class X164 CLK-Class W208 W209 CLS-Class W219 GLK-Class X204 G-Class W463 V-Class W639 CL-Class W215 W216 SL-Class R230 SLK-Class R171 R-Class W251

Some EIS Part #s: A 164 905 15 00 A 203 545 01 08 A 203 545 05 08 A 203 545 06 08 A 210 545 00 08 A 210 545 10 08 A 215 545 00 08 A 215 545 08 08 A 220 545 03 08 A 220 545 07 08 A 220 545 08 08 A 220 545 09 08 A 230 545 07 08 AND MANY MORE PART NUMBERS NOT LISTED HERE

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