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Mini Cooper R50/52/53 BC1 2001-2008 (Body Control Unit) Reprograming

Mini Cooper R50/52/53 BC1 2001-2008 (Body Control Unit) Reprograming

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MINI Cooper BCM Clone.

Our Mini BCM Data Transfer Service allows customers to easily program their second-hand Mini Body Control Module (BCM) to their car. With this service, you will have to  send us both your Original BCM and your New/Donor BCM, and we will clone the Original Data onto your Donor BCM, making it a plug-and-play solution.

Common Problems Include:

- Mini lights not working - Indicators not working correctly - Full Beam not working - Central locking problems With our service, we can also transfer your original vehicle data from your old BC1 to your new/used BC1. Please note that this is a Data Transfer service only and is specifically designed for all Mini Vehicles that use the BC1RD R50/53 BCM model, which is black all over and does not have a silver case.


After purchasing this service, please send your BCM Modules marked old on original and new on donor to: KARMAN AUTO We will efficiently carry out the required work within 24-48 hours and return the modules to you. - Convenient programming service for second-hand Mini BCMs - Cloning of Original Data onto Donor BCM for plug-and-play functionality - Transfer of original vehicle data from old BC1 to new/used BC1 - Suitable for all Mini Vehicles using BC1RD R50/53 model BCM (black all over, no silver case) - Fast turnaround time of 24-48 hours - Reliable next-day delivery service for returning the BCM modules - Eliminates the need to purchase expensive new BCMs - Saves time and hassle of finding a compatible BCM - Ensures proper functionality of Mini lights, indicators, full beam, and central locking - Restores the original vehicle data for seamless integration Our team at KARMAN AUTO has extensive experience in working with Mini BCMs and providing efficient data transfer services. We ensure that your BCM modules are handled with care and that the cloning process is done accurately to guarantee seamless functionality in your Mini. This service is for 2004 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007 , and 2008  Mini Cooper R50/52/53 BC1 (Body Control Unit) Reprograming If you buy a new or used one your car wont start, wrong VIN, dealer cant program a used BCM ( BC1 ) we can. We will need original BC1 and another new, or used BC1 to program to.   61356949288 61356946363 61356961364 61356968827 61356976989 61356982115
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